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In mid-May, I volunteered for a three-hour shift at Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano. Minnie’s is a non-profit that distributes boxes of groceries to families in need in the local community.  At the end of the shift, I asked Cheryl “Action” Jackson, the founder of Minnie’s, what she needed to get through the summer. Cheryl immediately responded with “1,000 boxes of instant mashed potatoes.”

That was the inspiration for Shields Legal Group’s very first food drive.

We launched our drive on June 4th and ran it through the Fourth of July. Through the generosity of our employees and several corporate donors, we collected 1,012 boxes of instant mashed potatoes, along with $350 in cash and gift card donations.

SLG Employees

On Saturday, July 12th, thirteen Shields Legal Group employees and their family members arrived at Minnie’s Food Pantry to unload, sort, and shelve the boxes of instant mashed potatoes, and to pack boxes of groceries for the families Minnie’s serves. For those of us, like me, who brought our young children along, it was very gratifying to witness our children grow in empathy as they opened their hearts and served the needs of others.

At the end of our shift, Cheryl presented the first ever “graduates” of Minnie’s skills education program, sponsored by Bank of America. As each of the graduates walked Minnie’s red carpet, we clapped and cheered for them, praying that the food assistance and skills training they receive from Minnie’s will sustain their bodies, lift their spirits, and give them hope.

Kathy ScottAs Cheryl thanked us for our service and for the 1,000 boxes of mashed potatoes, which would positively impact 1,000 families in our community, she reminded us that the need is great and that the number of families experiencing hunger in our community continues to grow. Cheryl said she is not giving up, and neither will we.   We will continue to find ways that our small firm can make a positive impact in our community.

Thank you to the following for their generous support of our food collection for Minnie’s:

The 15 employees of Shields Legal Group

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

The Henry S. Miller Organization

JBI Partners

Wilshire Wealth Management Group

Cawley Partners

Chalak Mitra Group

This effort is part of our IMPACT 365 program. It is all about how can you make an impact on one of these areas, 365 days a year:

  1. Sustaining the environment;
  2. Lending a helping hand through volunteer service; and
  3. Giving back through financial gifts.

Thank you for sharing this article to inspire other to take action. A small group of dedicated people can turn a request for food into a 1,000 boxes of mashed potatoes – and have fun doing it!

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