What do 22 push-ups have to do with veterans? Why would several members of a law firm willingly do 22 push-ups and shake hands afterwards?

There is a simple answer and a tragic reason.

The 22 push-ups is part of a campaign by a veteran nonprofit group called Honor Courage Commitment, to raise awareness that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. By videotaping people while they perform 22 push-ups, then sharing those images on social media with #22Kill, a movement has started to cut this startling statistic.

Today, it was our turn to support the veterans.

Shields Legal Group is a proud member of Entrepreneurs for North Texas, who sponsors Freedom Day, a day of service to honor the lives tragically lost or changed on 9/11. For 2014, Freedom Day volunteers are focused on the veteran community. More than 911 volunteers (SLG will have 7 people participate) will paint, landscape and repair portions of the Dallas VA Medical Center, veteran housing units and homes in our community.

What does that have to do with an attorney and staff member doing 22 push-ups?

Honor Courage Commitment is part of Freedom Day. When they delivered our volunteer shirts this morning, it was time to show our commitment and push!

David Shields, Attorney, and Dan Kelley, Records Manager volunteered for duty. Click on this link to watch a video of David and Dan being led by an HCC representative through the push-up cadence.

Shields Legal Group supports our country’s veterans and Freedom Day. If you would like to become involved in any of these initiatives, please go to that organizations’ website and let them know of your interest.


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