How can a small company of 15 people make a big impact in their community?

That was the question that we struggled with answering. There was never enough focus, direction or decisiveness around the desire of “wanting to give back.” As a result, nothing was accomplished.

2014 ThanksgivingFoodDriveMinniesUntil we joined Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT), part of Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT). EFNT became our outsourced Community Service Director and suddenly, Shields Legal Group was making a difference.

“The impact on employee morale and the relationship enhancement within the firm was amazing to watch,” noted Jim Shields, Founder and Principal. “We grew as individuals in the structured process provided by EFNT events,” he added. “Something that I did not anticipate was that by giving back, it also improved our relationships with our clients.”

To learn more about how Shields Legal Group has benefited from becoming a member of EFNT, please take a moment and read the following article published by Communities Foundation of Texas.

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