The phrase “Trusted Advisor” is used quite often to describe the dynamics of professional relationships. At Shields Legal Group, we take that concept one step further and act as a champion for those companies who have been harmed by “trusted advisor” relationships.

Trust is an intangible dynamic is any relationship, but it is the crux of being a “Trusted Advisor.” When trust is not honored in an advisory relationship (such as between an attorney and their client), negative consequences are almost a given.

Case in point is our client, Henry S. Miller Commercial Co. A well known name in Dallas, Texas and a well respected real estate firm. When Henry S. Miller Commercial was sued and then represented by attorneys hired by their insurance company, you would expect a “Trusted Advisor” relationship to be formed.


The attorney representing Henry S. Miller Commercial in the original lawsuit presented a four minute defense. Other decisions were made that placed a proverbial target on Henry S. Miller Commercial during that trial. To say that the “Trusted Advisor” relationship was breached is like saying the Titanic was the “ship that could not be sunk.”

And that is where we came into the picture. We represented Henry S. Miller Commercial in the subsequent legal malpractice action.

The Dallas County jury returned the largest legal malpractice verdict of 2014 in Texas – $4,636,088.00.

TopTxVerdictCoverThe Henry S. Miller Verdict is on page 48 of this publication.

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At Shields Legal Group, we take the “Trusted Advisor” role very seriously. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Your needs. Our approach. Your business is our priority.

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