6th Article Human Capital The second to last article in the Growth to Exit® series has been published in the online “How to” section of 43 Business Journals across the country. Article #6 focuses on what can happen when key employees leave your company.

From securing reasonable non-compete agreements to protecting your trade secrets, this article highlights areas of risk and concern for many companies. The ability to demonstrate that your sales territories and proprietary information are protected and can be legally enforced resonates strongly with potential buyers and/or investors.

The end result?   Potentially higher enterprise value.

Don’t leave your life’s work to chance. It takes strategic planning, meticulous preparation and a time span of 2-3 years to prepare a middle market company to sell. Growth to Exit is your strategic approach to business transition.

If you are the owner of a middle-market company and you are considering an exit, please contact us.

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