You are sitting at your executive desk and the incredible happens. Within an hour, you discover that someone has accessed your database, an employee has lost a mobile phone containing sensitive information, your company is sued and their attorneys are demanding access to YOUR phone.

You scramble to shore up the losses that seem to keep on coming by creating policies and procedures on the fly. You wonder how you ended up with an elephant-sized problem and no easy solutions. Worst of all, you realize this kind of breach may become common and you’ve been caught flat-footed.

Are you Readyto Face the Elephant in the Room_-1You have just met the elephant in the room.

We call it that because data security is an enterprise-wide challenge in your business, including Legal (where do privacy rights begin and the company’s right to use data end), Information Technology (what are best practices to maintain the integrity and security of sensitive information) and Human Resources (what policies and procedures need to be in place to ensure confidentiality).  It touches everyone.

Many companies face the same dilemma – they don’t know where to turn for solutions. That is why Digital Discovery and Shields Legal Group have formed a collaborative relationship to provide practical, informative material and suggestions to tackle this problem. Our goal is to educate, elucidate and illuminate the potential problem areas, offer practical tips and suggestions to manage those concerns and provide guidance on how you may begin the discussions inside your own business.

That’s why we call it Taming the Elephant

You may be wondering who we are. Digital Discovery is at the forefront of Data Forensics and eDiscovery, and they deal with the fallout from imperfect procedures every day. Digital Discovery consults with businesses to provide data retention policies, data mapping, network security and compliance auditing. They are the experts that know where the vulnerabilities lie inside your businesses’ technology.

Shields Legal Group is a law firm based in Addison, Texas. We pride ourselves on becoming your Trusted Advisor who understands your business model, provides valuable strategy and legal solutions with your business objectives in mind. Our Outside General Counsel services are utilized by small to medium-sized companies who cannot afford to hire their own lawyer, but have continual legal and personnel issues that naturally arise from the ongoing business.

So now that you know who we are, what can we do for you?

We know the sensitive issues that can arise from the intersection of technology and people. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on those areas so you, as the business owner or manager, can begin the discussion between Legal, IT and Human Resources on how to deal with these vulnerabilities.

The time to set and implement policies and procedures is before you need them. The creation of the policies and procedures requires input from the areas or departments impacted by data and people. The overarching goal in these discussions is to balance your businesses’ need for protection against your employee’s privacy and legal rights. (While we cannot give legal advice, we can certainly highlight the areas where you may want to discuss with your own attorneys as you work through these issues.)

Taming the Elephant highlights the information you need to tame the elephant inside your company.  When you follow us, you will be part of the article feed that will give you up-to-date information, laser focused identification of issues and practical advice that you can use in your everyday operations. Occasionally, we will also reference a white paper that was created to explore the topic at hand more in depth.

In short, we are there with you (metaphorically speaking) as you and your teams face the elephant in the room.

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