Small to middle market business owners in North Texas are taking advantage of the hot market to sell their businesses. According to an article in the Dallas Business Journal, DFW recorded 47 transactions in the second quarter of 2016.

The even better news is that DFW businesses are selling for an average revenue multiple greater than 1.0. It has taken 10 quarters to reach this milestone. That fact alone is a wake up call for business owners to begin the exit process. Read the article to learn more about the factors propelling these exits.

Shields Leggte-explained-4al Group is in the business of guiding companies from Growth to Exit.  We understand what buyers expect to find inside your company. 

Growth to Exit® is a change in mindset – from focusing on opportunities and building a business to seeing your company from a buyer’s perspective. Your company’s internal processes (including finance, accounting, legal, human capital and IT) are reviewed to determine if best practices are used. We help you create consistent, predictable internal/external processes that are scalable and aligned with your business goals. Over time, production and revenue data support a higher evaluation from prospective buyers.

Please contact us to learn how we may help you reach a successful exit for your company.


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