We found a great way to give back on September 11th. It’s called Freedom Day and it’s the premier event of Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT), part of Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT).

More than 740 people registered from 55 different organizations, to volunteer at 15 different project sites spread out over the DFW area. This Highlight Video explains the how and why of Freedom Day in more detail.

On September 11, 2016, more than 20 Shields Legal Group employees and family members volunteered at Heart House Dallas.  We painted walls, cleaned shelves and arranged books and furniture for the children of refugee families. Heart House Dallas serves the refugee community in Vickery Meadows, by providing after-school education, care and support to these children.

Another EFNT member company joined us at Heart House to make the space look great.  RHSB volunteers painted walls, cleaned up play areas and even hung a new white board that takes up an entire wall!  The children of the RHSB volunteers created hand-crafted cards for each child who attends the Heart House program.

Working side by side with other community volunteers was the gift to us. Our payment was the knowledge that by extending ourselves, we helped those less fortunate.

It’s part of Impact 365 – to give back, right here, right now.

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