About Shields Legal Group


Your legal strategy should be aligned with your business goals.

shields legal group logoYour attorneys should provide you with strategic business insight, professional judgment and competence.  In short, your attorneys should have a deep understanding of your company’s business model, risk tolerance and short and long term goals.

Shields Legal Group is owned, managed and staffed by trial attorneys with business backgrounds. We have successfully advised many different types of companies through all stages of growth and exit.

We make understanding your business our priority.

We provide more than just a trusted partner at the table; we provide insightful business advice on legal business matters, reporting, collection and defense strategy, as well as contract administration and dispute resolution.

Our integrated services model provides a solution for any of your legal needs:

At Shields Legal Group, your business goals are aligned with our legal strategy. We act as your Trusted Advisor to represent your interests.

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.