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Jim Shields describes a conversation with a potential client

Over the years, as I have moved through financial circles and made new connections in various industries, I have noticed a pattern emerge about the conversation I have with new and prospective clients. The best way to bring you in on the conversation is to share it with you.

People frequently ask me, “Who is your typical client?”

My response is always the same.

“We represent the money.” After a brief puzzled look, it does not take long for the next question to be asked.

“What does that mean?”

My reply is to describe the various ways that capital can be cultivated and harvested, culminating in entrepreneurs enjoying the fruits of their labor. “Representing the money” means that we partner with our clients to price it, structure it, underwrite it, collect it (litigation), analyze the risk management aspects and evaluate the returns. I always stress that the high value-add for most private companies is our focus on risk management and increased returns.

Professional investors, private equity, family offices, venture capitalists and professional investment managers interested in structuring their financial investments in private companies need partners that can provide experienced business and strategic legal advice.

At this point in the conversation, experienced professionals now grasp what it means that Shields Legal Group “represents the money.” But the discerning audience always takes it one step further.

“How do you accomplish that?”

I now have their full attention.

When I explain our process-driven model is designed for revenue growth private companies that utilize our Growth to Exit services on a strategic basis, their interest grows rapidly. Our Growth to Exit process includes advice to senior management on how to implement best practices in their strategic processes, operations and financial systems to help manage their capital and their money. By integrating best practices in critical areas, the company (and its owners, shareholders and investors) naturally enjoy higher revenue, increased shareholder value and greater enterprise value.

By this point in our dialogue, my listeners understand why Shields Legal Group is a different kind of law firm. Please join me in a conversation about how we can help you accomplish your money goals.

Our mandate is straight forward and simple: To preserve and grow shareholder value.  We understand what companies need to accelerate growth and increase value.

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