Why Shields Legal Group?

You expect your legal team to be professionally competent and legally skilled. That is a given in today’s business world.  But does your lawyer also understand your company’s business model, risk tolerance, short and long-term goals and proprietary concerns?  When legal and or business decisions are made, are those factors taken into consideration?

If your answer is no, then it could be time for a new approach that starts with your needs.

A Master Business Strategist (who is also a seasoned lawyer) conceived, created and manages Shields Legal Group.  James D. Shields is unique, because he is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and lawyer. He developed a non-traditional approach to SLG’s legal practice, focused on business solutions for your company.

Shields Legal Group is a different kind of law firm.

Each SLG attorney has a business background and experience in providing legal representation to entrepreneurs and business owners. They know what it takes to succeed in business and they bring that focus and knowledge to their clients. The result is legal representation by attorneys who make understanding your business needs their first priority.

But there is more to Shields Legal Group.  We want to be your Trusted Advisor.

We want to understand what keeps you up at night. As your Trusted Advisor, we listen first, assess your goals and risks and then work with you to develop strategies that fit the legal solutions into your business objectives.

Some of the benefits of relying on SLG as your Trusted Advisors include:

  • Developing, earning and keeping your trust is the touchstone of SLG’s relationship with you;
  • We identify, assess and verify your goals to align them to the end results; and
  • We ascertain “what keeps you up at night” and factor those risks into the most effective legal solution.

Big picture strategy combined with the experience to develop and implement tactical action plans are just some of the deliverables from SLG.

Our integrated services model provides a solution for any of your legal needs:

At Shields Legal Group, your business goals are aligned with our legal strategy.

We act as your Trusted Advisor to represent your interests.

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.