James D. Shields, Principal

James D. ShieldsAfter more than three decades practicing commercial business litigation and representing financial institutions and intermediaries, I have come to the conclusion that it is not just what you know, but how you apply it.  Strategic planning, creative problem solving and a deep understanding of business in general and yours in particular are the pillars of my unique professional services.

Good legal representation is expected; great legal counsel is uncommon.

My goal is to provide you with great legal counsel, specifically tailored to your business needs.  I have personal experience as a successful entrepreneur, business owner and investor. I understand the pressures you face as a business owner or high-level executive making the tough decisions to grow your business.

I can help you: manage conflict, prepare for risk as options are evaluated, and create resolution plans with defined goals and accountability.

From my own experience, companies have two main objectives: to grow their revenue and increase shareholder value. But how do you accomplish those objectives? Strategic growth in the midst of an uncertain political and economic environment can be very difficult.  Industry pressure points, governmental regulations and the lack of long term stability can cause the toughest CEO to have sleepless nights.

Success in business requires many talents, but there is a fundamental truth – experience enhances the opportunity for success in any business. Wouldn’t it be better to build a team of experienced advisors who understand the difficulties you face and can provide you with strategic solutions that fit your needs?

In short, I want to be your legal Trusted Advisor.

What is a Trusted Advisor? Here are just a few key descriptors:

  • A Trusted Advisor is an experienced lawyer who also understands your business model.
  • A Trusted Advisor is an expert strategist who evaluates your legal matters from a businessman’s perspective;
  • A Trusted Advisor integrates legal solutions with your business objectives.

Providing great legal counsel embraces the Trusted Advisor role.

It also embodies the core values that are evident in our work product: trust, integrity, valued relationships and business insight.

I formed Shields Legal Group based on these same values with the expectation of providing great legal services and value. I have carefully selected seasoned attorneys with business backgrounds who agree with my philosophy of providing superior legal advice integrated with your business needs.

Each SLG attorney is tasked with becoming the client’s Trusted Advisor.

Please let me know how I may help your business grow and increase shareholder value.


Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.