Sasha Begovic, Attorney

Sasha Begovic, AttorneyConfidence Through Diligence

As an attorney at Shields Legal Group, I have learned the value of confidence through diligence. Tackling complex issues involved in all aspects of litigation, I am adept at determining the solidity of a client’s legal position. My primary focus is to educate my clients and provide sound legal advice as Outside General counsel in the areas of employment matters, complex commercial litigation, and transactional contract law.

Before traveling to America to pursue my legal career, I spent the first eighteen years of my life in Cape Town, South Africa. South Africa was in the midst of a regime change that left much of the population struggling to understand an evolving body of law. Businesses and individuals were unable to pinpoint where they fit into the legal spectrum of emerging protections and obligations. The result of this uncertainty was an inability to predict legal outcomes. This uncertainty is what prompted me to study law.

Uncertainty provides the opportunity for both failure and success, but it is often effort that determines the outcome.

As an advocate for my clients I am adept at assessing precedence, which gives my clients a firm understanding of the risks and benefits associated with their legal position. As a trusted advisor, I make sure that my clients are presented with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Understanding the legal risks and potential rewards are also a key component of the service I provide to create the most beneficial outcome possible.

A twice-made Aggie, I have pursued both my legal and undergraduate education at Texas A&M University. I am licensed to practice law in the State of Texas.

If I may be of assistance, please contact me.

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