Corporate Litigation Advisors

Save Time and Money


 We believe in the simple principle that company executives should have the ability to focus on their business objectives, not their litigation. Monitoring litigation takes away valuable time from the day-to-day focus on business needs and objectives and does not always yield the best results.

That is why Corporate Litigation Advisors was created.

Through our expertise and methodology and in conjunction with your senior management, we create a strategic plan and litigation budget. Our litigation management team serves as your client representative and integrates with your litigation counsel to actively manage and measure the plan.

We develop strong working relationships with your attorneys,

who ultimately appreciate how we enable them to be

more effective in their efforts and achieve better results.


Attorneys who have worked with us acknowledge that our approach to managing legal disputes supports the client’s best interests to a higher standard.

Corporate Litigation Advisors provides a platform for success for all parties involved.  The strategic plan developed through a CLA engagement leads to a desirable solution in less time than anticipated and with significant cost efficiencies.

Our investors, a mix of founders and private equity, were facing a total loss of their investment.  Our legal strategy was simply unaffordable, but our attorneys seemed oblivious to this fact.  We retained Shields Legal as our litigation management firm. They restructured our legal strategy, cut our legal burn rate by 75 percent, and gave the business a fighting chance, without requiring us to change nominal lead counsel.  A year later, it was all behind us.  Everyone else had written us off, but they were wrong. We survived because CLA was more worried about saving the firm than arguing the case. — Douglas List, Former Board Chairman, TTS, LLC

As a CLA client, you receive focused legal strategy

aligned with your business goals.

We act as your Trusted Advisor to represent your interests.

To learn more about how Corporate Litigation Advisors can help manage your litigation, please contact David Shields by email at

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.