Growth to Exit® Educational Videos

Shields Legal Group is passionate about entrepreneurs, their businesses and guiding them through the transition of growth or exit. Our new service model, called Growth to Exit®, serves private business owners by strategically aligning five key areas inside the company with its business goals. By going through the Growth to Exit process, sellers are in a much better position to demand a higher value for their company.

To share more about the Growth to Exit process and demonstrate how we have helped our clients move through the transition of growing their companies to positioning for an exit, we created 4 short videos.  The first one is below; you can watch the other three videos on the Growth to Exit Educational Series.

The growth cycle of a small to medium-sized business requires skill and expertise.

You have successfully grown your business and created products or services that satisfy a need in the marketing place. You are intimately familiar with the complexities of your operations, financial resources, management of assets and reporting requirements specific to your industry.

But are you familiar with the strict due diligence a potential buyer will use to scrutinize your company from top to bottom? If the buyer discovers that your company lacks key processes and procedures, the enterprise value of your business will be reduced.

Shields Legal Group has been the valued voice at the table for many middle market companies transitioning through growth and to a fair exit.  Through our Growth to Exit approach, we help you plan for sustainable growth and guide you through the complexities of generational issues and succession planning. This process generally takes from 1-3 years to complete, but it is a necessary step in the transition of your company.

High valuation is the objective.

Growth to Exit is the strategy.

Outside General Counsel is your solution.

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