Growth to Exit

Is Your Privately Owned Business Ready to Sell?

You have spent years, sleepless nights and suffered the pains and joys of owning and growing your own business. Now it may be time for you to realize the fruits of your labors and position your company for transition – either to sell or pass on to the next generation.

Do you know what buyers or investors look for when they value a company?

Private owners or executives frequently need help in five critical areas that impact growth and valuations. As your Growth to Exit® advisor, we provide strategic business and legal advice in these areas to prepare your company for a sale or transition.

Your top priority is to make your company more valuable.

We analyze your business model and practices and then engage your top executives to develop a strategy and implementation plan that clearly defines the goals, expected outcomes and execution.

Our goal is to increase shareholder value by helping you position your company with best practices in these critical areas:

  • Legal (contract review, corporate governance, risk management)
  • Finance/Accounting (review of capital and debt structure, A/R needs, growth capital needs, audits, ICFR)
  • Human Capital (policies/procedures, compensation aligned with roles, compliance)
  • Sales/Marketing (sales process, compensation, marketing & messaging alignment)
  • IT/IP systems (operating software, data security, disaster recovery plan)

When best practices are embedded in each of these five areas of your company, a potential buyer or investor is more likely to increase the enterprise value on your business.

The growth cycle of a small to medium-sized business

requires skill and expertise.

SLG has been the valued voice at the table for many middle market companies transitioning through growth and to a fair exit.  We help you plan for sustainable growth and guide you through the complexities of generational issues and succession planning.

For more information, please visit our Growth to Exit website.

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.