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Cybersecurity Risk Management

Technology is an asset. Until it becomes a liability.

In today’s technologically-driven world, the threat of a cybersecurity incident keeps people up at night. At some point, every organization—from family-owned businesses to middle market companies to nonprofit corporations—will face a future cyber event.

Not all cyber threats are external. Sometimes, the greatest threat is the one you don’t see coming, from the once trusted system administrator who alters security settings prior to quitting, to the careless employee who uses the same password over and over, to the long-term vendor whose access privileges are outmoded, compromised, or improperly tailored.        

Although identification and prevention of potential threats is critical to minimizing risk, resiliency is essential to survival. Preparation is the key to protecting your business.

Shields Legal is here to partner with you in managing cybersecurity risk before, during, and after a cyber incident with the following suite of cybersecurity related services:

  • $Identify the legal risk of cybersecurity incidences to the C-suite and board level through education and practical recommendations
  • $Review contracts to make sure you understand your company’s contractual obligations and indemnity rights
  • $Review cyber insurance policies to identify the amount and scope of current coverage
  • $Manage cyber incident response, investigation, ransomware negotiations, and remediation
  • $Serve as your claim advocate with your cybersecurity insurance carrier and assigned incident response team
  • $Fulfill compliance obligations under state and federal laws regarding breach response and notification rules
  • $Serve as your liaison with law enforcement

The mission of Shields Legal is to bring strategic business insight, professional judgment and competence to your company’s business and legal issues.