Practice Area:

Outside General Counsel

Sometimes insight comes from the outside.

At Shields, we understand that entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders need a trusted advisor with an in-depth understanding of their business model and objectives to whom they can turn for strategic advice, sound business-based counsel, and practical solutions to the problems that keep them up at night. Whether you are involved in an escalating conflict with a business partner, considering a major transaction, looking for capital to grow your business, or entering the Texas market, Shields can serve as your primary point of contact for all legal issues facing your business, filling the gap for companies in need of experienced legal counsel in Texas. 

Outside general counsel services include:

Strategic Planning & Collaborative Brainstorming | Tax & Succession Planning | Corporate & Financial Transactions | Corporate Governance Matters | Contract Review, Negotiation, & Drafting | Business & Commercial Disputes | Litigation Management | Cybersecurity Risk Management | Growth To Exit®   

We understand that the demands of bet-the-company litigation or multiple lawsuits can be overwhelming and take away valuable time from day-to-day business operations. Through our Corporate Litigation Advisors practice, we collaborate with you to create a strategic litigation plan and budget aligned with your business goals. Our litigation advisors serve as your trusted client representative and integrate with your in-house and outside litigation counsel to actively manage and measure the plan and budget, saving you time, energy, and resources to focus on your business needs and objectives.

The mission of Shields Legal is to bring strategic business insight, professional judgment and competence to your company’s business and legal issues.