Shields Legal’s Founder is also an Author
June 7, 2024
By Shields Legal Group

Jim Shields, successful attorney, entrepreneur, and founder, is now an author.

Jim’s book, “Wealth that Lasts: 10 Principles of Legacy Wealth”, shares the wisdom he has gained from the experiences, opportunities, and choices throughout his life and successful career. Jim’s passion is to encourage and guide others along their journeys to creating, growing, and leaving a legacy of true wealth.

Jim’s book offers a comprehensive guide for wealthy entrepreneurs and business owners who want to ensure their legacy is as much about values as it is about valuables. It provides actionable insights into how to weave the fabric of your core values into the legacy you leave behind, ensuring that your heirs not only inherit wealth but also the character to manage it responsibly. 

“Wealth That Lasts” is available for purchase on Amazon.

Jim is looking forward to upcoming occasions to engage in conversation on combining wealth with wisdom and prosperity with principles.

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